We are offering a hospital management system for your hospital. This system is fully customizable and manageable by multi-level user. We are offering you a website, web based management system, domain and hosting. Details are included in below.

Uses of Site

Customer/Website visitor can view organization related information and images by using this website. There will be information related to founders, co-founders, mission and vision of company, other activities of yours, gallery of images, your provided facilities, careers, enquiry, and other things by sending email through website.

About ERP

There will be multi-level user who can manage the application. And super admin can create new user by providing access of his choice to the user. Administrative user can login and manage all of the things from his/her point. Our modules will be in below.

  • Patient Booking and Management

    :: Can register/admit a patient into hospital. Assign Doctors. Use Diagnostics. Prescription and Medication. Assign Rooms and Accounting.

  • Doctor Management

    :: Register a doctor. Assign Patients. Doctor can give prescription or visit rooms for medication. Visit History. Payment Management.

  • Bed/Room Management

    :: Manage beds and bookings. Schedules of Beds/ Rooms.

  • Nurse Management

    :: Assign Nurse in rooms/beds. Assign Duty. Payment Management.

  • Diagnostic Tests Management

    :: Manage booking of tests. Report Management. Print or deliver report.

  • Basic Accounting

    :: Basic Accounting of Hospital Payments.

  • Basic Reports

    :: Daily Payments. Patient Payments. Doctor Payments.

  • Pharmacy Management

    :: Store management for pharmacy.

  • Website